We are a genetic research company, with solid values ​​and principles. We balance the high cost of research with the development of accessible technologies to integrate genetic tests into daily life.

We Believe

We believe in science at the service of humanity, we believe that discoveries and scientific advances should not remain in consultation articles, but become practical tools, useful for doctors and patients to facilitate decision making and allow personalized monitoring and selection of an optimal treatment.

We’re Committed

A transformar el sistema de salud, creando nuevos productos diagnósticos con aplicaciones prácticas que ayuden a mejorar la calidad de vida y el estado de salud de las personas. Estamos creando pruebas genéticas más rápidas, precisas y costeables.



We can impact people of all generations to prevent cancer and reduce late detection, opening possibilities to receive more effective personalized treatments.
Hakken Enterprise

Our Philosophy

Knowing the genetic profile can provide us with crucial information to solve health problems. It allows us to identify mutations or vulnerable points of our genetics, to take preventive actions and choose effective treatments. Personalized medicine is transforming the way in which health problems are addressed and is yielding valuable results.

El enfocarmos en crear pruebas genéticas nos permite la DETECCIÓN oportuna de enfermedades.
Una vez detectada la enfermedad, realizar la SELECCIÓN de tratamientos personalizados.
Una vez elegido el tratamiento, lograr una REDUCCIÓN de costos médicos.
Por último, MEJORA de calidad de vida de las personas.


The values ​​that guide and inspire our decisions
We take advantage of existing knowledge and anticipate the needs of the future, creating practical solutions.
Enthusiasm and commitment to enjoy and achieve what we propose.
We have a commitment to continuous self-improvement by cultivating success habits.
Our focus is on giving back and working for the benefit of humanity.
We comply with our agreements and exceed expectations in everything we do.

Commitment to Personal Growth

In Hakken Enterprise we believe that, faced with an environment of innovation, one faces challenges and constant changes, and in order to go through these changes successfully, employees must face obstacles, expand their capacities and develop new habits. We are committed to forming leaders, for work and for life. We invest in our collaborators from a global point of view, taking advantage of their talents and encouraging them to develop their capacity to learn and develop their maximum potential.
Through our training programs, we identify their abilities, establish goals, raise self-confidence and integrate habits of excellence, which allows them to make effective and positive decisions for the future. The more personal growth our team acquires, the easier it becomes to navigate before the uncertainty of experimentation and innovation.

Our work inspires us to improve and empowers us to discover our full potential and live a life with meaning, progress and purpose.