Molecular diagnosis is a tool that is inserted into personalized medicine, a trend that in the near future will impact millions of people. As a pioneer in technological research, she invites you to participate in the Diploma in Innovation in molecular diagnostics, with curricular validity and approved by the SEP code: 17DAP48017


At the end of the course, participants will obtain the knowledge, tools and skills to develop innovative proposals, to provide solutions to major public health problems, using molecular diagnostics as the main tool to improve people’s health and living standards. Specifically, they will be able to design and implement innovation and development projects in companies dedicated to the molecular identification of markers that intervene in the most relevant pathologies.

Admission Profile

The Diploma in Innovation in Molecular Diagnostics is aimed at professionals in the field of health, who work in the clinical area, or linked to medical research and who require the knowledge and fundamentals of those techniques most used in the area of ​​Biology. Molecular. As well as technologists, doctors in the areas of clinical bioanalysis, hematology, morphofysiopathology and cytodiagnosis, biochemists, pharmaceutical chemists, biotechnologists, biologists, physicians, microbiologists, pathologists, veterinarians and other professionals linked to laboratory diagnosis.

Admission Requirements

  • Degree in: Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genomic Sciences, Chemistry, Medicine, QBP, QFB, veterinary sciences or equivalent.
  • Basic knowledge in genetics, molecular biology, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, biochemistry, physics, writing, algebra, calculus, mathematical tools and English.
  • Skillsin observation and experimentation.
  • Demonstrate an entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Ability to disseminate knowledge orally and in writing.
  • Research and reading habits.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the English language (comprehension and translation of scientific or technical texts).

Egress Profile

  • Design and monitor successful innovation management plans and projects in technology-based companies focused on molecular diagnostics.
  • Manage and optimize companies based on technology in the health sector.
  • Analyze in depth the scientific environment and the agents that form to achieve agreements of cooperation and transfer of knowledge and technology.
  • Perform consulting tasks related to entrepreneurship and innovation processes in molecular diagnostics.
  • Identify the sources of financing that allow a company to have the necessary economic resources to fulfill its objectives of innovation, development, positioning and business consolidation.


Module I

Introduction to innovation in Molecular Diagnostics.

Module II

Challenges of a molecular biology laboratory

Module III

Molecular diagnosis of diseases

Module IV

New challenges in genomic medicine.

Module V

Innovative project: a new challenge in molecular diagnostics
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Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas UNAM, Circuito Mario de la Cueva s/n, Coyoacán, Ciudad Universitaria, 04510 Ciudad de México, CDMX, .
Duración March 02 to August 20 2019

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