Genetic test of susceptibility to the 7 most common types of cancer among Mexicans.


Genotyping of HPV and genetic susceptibility to prostate and cervical cancer.


Bioinformatic system that determines cancer risk by combining genetic, clinical and environmental factors.


We celebrate the collaboration of a great team committed to innovation and excellence

Dra. Gisela Aguirre

Director and Foundress

Scientific with an Entrepreneurial spirit, Specialist in Genetics and Molecular Biology that has turned challenges into opportunities to transform science in Mexico through Hakken Enterprise. He leads the multidisciplinary team, generating the lines of Technological Innovation and Business Model.

M. en C. Elizabeth Meda

Technological Coordinator
Specialist in Biotechnology and Public Health. Pioneer in the Innovation of Genetic Diagnosis. Performs the constant breakdown of scientific paradigms and has enshrined its leadership to train and coordinate researchers with great passion for innovation. He has demonstrated great ability to turn promising concepts into world-class products.

Q.F.B. Luis Angel Vazquez

Quality Coordinator
Specialist in sanitary regulations with rigorous performance standards. Provides certainty, structure and continuous improvement to the organization. Key to the optimization of resources and operation in adherence to international quality standards. With a great attitude of service, trains and supervises that innovations comply with our main value: Excellence.

M. en C. Mauricio Flores

Investigator Jr.
Expert in Functional Genomics, focused on integrating biostatistics to mathematical modeling in ohmic to generate predictive tools in cancer development. Your scientific contributions are key to the selection of biomarkers for the configuration of our genetic tests. In addition to the design and validation of innovations, it is excellent for translating knowledge to physicians.

M. en C. Christian flores

Investigator Jr.
Specialist in Microbiology and Molecular Biology focused on Health. Always with excellent attitude and joy that spreads to the whole team. He is creative, methodical and efficient, which has allowed him to create synergy in the group of Researchers with crucial contributions for the validation of our technologies. His determination allowed him to easily join the rigorous pace of innovation.

M. en C. Victoria Medina

Investigator Jr.
He has dedicated his talent and energy to the innovation of tests for the identification of the genetic propensity to cancer and genotyping of HPV accessible to the population. Solidarity, commitment and good humor, Master Vico rigorously fulfills the Good Laboratory Practices. With your experience, in a short time you will become a great Project Leader.

Uziel Nolasco


Expert in Mexican cuisine and meat cuts, Uziel is responsible for consenting to the Hakken staff. His meticulous execution and talent for the design of healthy and delicious menus, surprises every day. Collaborate to have punctual menus, so that each member can relax for food and stay focused on their innovation project.

M. B. M. Guillermo aguirre

Financial Coordinator & amp; Co-Founder
Economist with a Master’s Degree in Business Management has implemented administrative systems with an innovative business vision. With extensive experience in administration and finance, he has done an impeccable job in the administration of federal funds, contributing to the innovation and internationalization achievements of the company.

Lic. Patricia Solís

Logística y Operaciones HE.
Graduated in International Relations, she is an expert in import and export processes. With experience as an auditor of foreign trade for the SAT, she has extensive knowledge in economics, customs and cultural policies. It is responsible for choosing the best strategies in processes of acquisition of inputs to ensure that genetic innovation is available to all.


Loyal Friend

He decided to be part of the Hakken family after wandering his first year of life on rural roads. Its natural territoriality keeps the facilities safe, from monitoring suspicious suppliers and walkers to marking boundaries with opossums and squirrels. Although Patrick thinks that he is nourished by energy and love, he is the one who fills the Hakken team with energy (and he also fills up with an occasional sandwich that steals from collaborators from time to time).

Psic. María Alejandra Arriaga

Head of Human Resources
With good management of interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution, María maintains well-being within the organization, guaranteeing quality in the work environment. With a thorough analysis of the personalities, balance the team taking advantage of their talents and strengths. She is also an expert in locating, evaluating and selecting new candidates to be part of the work team in alignment with the values, vision and goals of the company.

M. en C. Lucero Delgado

Senior Researcher, Project Leader
Specialist in Molecular Biology of Cancer. His innovative creativity challenges scientific paradigms. She leads the Clinical Studies to validate our Technologies and her high attachment to the contribution, making her an excellent trainer of young Researchers. It puts all its efforts in making our Innovations a reality that impacts the Mexican population.

Ing. Barbara Padilla

Proyect Manager
With his strategic vision and great experience in Project management, he collaborates with each area to establish goals and tasks for a common goal. During the year he supervises and monitors the evolution of the project and measures the performance of the work groups. With great commitment and skills has managed to automate much of the administrative procedures to make them faster and more efficient.

Arqlga. Su Lin Casanova

Business Development & Co-Founder
Archeologist, photographer and specialist in breaking paradigms Su is the secret weapon of Hakken. Creative thinking and problem solving are of great value to the company in creating an effective organizational and business strategy. With a great sense of social commitment and deep sensitivity, it promotes the rapprochement between the community, business partners and clients to reach a common language of understanding and mutual benefit.